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In the comment section below, please tell your story about how water contamination on Tucson’s southside has affected you, your family and friends.

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  • Your full name
  • Your address or street name when you resided on the southside from 1940 to 1990
  • Your e-mail address and your phone number (if you desire)
  • Where you attended school at that time
  • Employment on the southside if you were working there
  • Family medical history (i.e. cancers, kidney issues, miscarriages, etc.)

1985 Arizona Daily Star articles about water contamination on Tucson’s southside

At the link provided, you can access detailed reports of contamination on the southside of the city. The in-depth series of articles in 1985 written by award-winning journalist Jane Kay of The Arizona Daily Star provide an overview of the serious water contamination issues that afflicted Tucson citizens on the southside near the airport.

Former Arizona Daily Star environmental investigative reporter Jane Kay with her brother Mort Rosenblum (University of Arizona photo)

Kay had an extensive background with investigative reporting on environmental issues in the state of Arizona.

After the series was published, city and county governments looked more into the severity of water contamination on the southside. Soon after, efforts to clean and regulate water in Tucson were enhanced.