KVOA: Ducey urges Defense Department to take action on contaminated groundwater near military bases

Report on KVOA-TV Channel 4 on May 3, 2021:

In a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey believes it’s time for the Defense Department to take further action to make sure contaminated groundwater near Davis Monthan Air Force Base and three other military bases in Arizona does not cause more human exposure. Click here for the report

The Hill: Toxic chemicals also dangerous to our food

In an important report last year, The Hill brought light to how PFAS (poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances) are harmful to what we drink and eat.

PFAs are a class of chemicals used to add stain and water resistance to consumer products and some food packaging. They have also been widely used in firefighting foams.

You can access the article by clicking here.

According to the article, exposure to several PFAS increases the risk of some cancers, may interfere with children’s learning and development and is associated with increased cholesterol levels. PFAS have a distinctive carbon-fluorine bond that prevents them from readily breaking down, making them extraordinarily persistent once released in the environment and earning them the moniker of “forever chemicals.”

The article also states: “With rising levels of cancer and neurodevelopmental problems nationwide, we must act to protect our food supply from this widespread chemical contamination. We should all be able to enjoy summer ice cream and more without fear of PFAS contamination.”

KVOA Report: More Water Contamination Found in Tucson

On Sept. 21, KVOA reported: The City of Tucson is suing a company it says is responsible for toxic chemicals found in local wells. Now officials say they’re finding more contaminants.

“In the last several weeks we have found significant contamination of PFCs’ out by the Air National Guard. The EPA standard…Is 70 parts per trillion,” Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik said. “The contamination levels that we’re finding out by the Air National Guard are over 11,000 parts per trillion.”

Kozachik said the location of the contamination is immediately upstream of the central well field in midtown.

The story can be accessed by clicking here.

Arizona Daily Star: Tucson Water Mistakenly Sent Contaminated Water to Thousands of Residents

The Arizona Daily Star’s Tony Davis reported on Sept. 29, 2018, that Tucson Water shut down a treatment plant after discovering it was sending water contaminated with chemical compounds to thousands of residents of downtown and the city’s west and north sides.

Shortly after making that discovery, utility officials also learned that they had mistakenly thought for some time that uncontaminated water was coming out of the plant, which has long treated south-side water pollution.

“Is it embarrassing? Yeah,” acknowledged Jeff Biggs, Tucson Water’s administrator for strategic initiatives, to the Arizona Daily Star. But, he said, the city had questioned the discrepancy in the pollution levels it was finding and reacted immediately once it learned of the mistake.

“We investigated and we made operational changes to lower the level (of contamination) that we served to the public,” Biggs said.

KOLD Report: Where people live the longest, shortest in Tucson

On Aug. 2, KOLD-TV aired a report on where people live the longest in the Tucson area and it listed this statistic for life expectancy between people who live in the foothills as opposed to the southside — 84.7 years in the foothills vs. 68.5 years in the southside.

The stats are from the American Heart Association. The report does not include information about the history of water contamination on the southside nd how that might affect the life expectancy of people who lived on the southside since the 1940’s.