Tucson Water: Notification of pipeline construction

Tucson Water recently submitted this release to the public regarding a portion of the new recycled water pipeline is scheduled to be installed beginning early June along Macarthur Street and Michigan Street.

The route goes from the I-19 frontage road on the west to Lundy Avenue on the east. It will then run on Lundy Avenue to Pennsylvania Drive. Below is information on how the construction of the pipeline will affect
that neighborhood area:

  • The section of roadway where pipeline construction is taking place will be closed during work hours to through traffic and signed “Local Traffic Only”. Crews will cover the trenches with steel plates at the end of each workday so you will be able to drive over the trenches.
  • Employees from the construction contractor PCL, will notify residents 2-3 days in advance of the trenching in front of your home and will make every effort to allow access when necessary. It will take 2-3 days for the construction activity to progress beyond your residence.
  • During construction hours, there will be open trenches in front of your homes. During these times we recommend that you park in an alley or along a section of street away from construction activity until the steel plates are placed back over the trench.
  • Construction crews will work Monday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
    Recycled water a valuable water resource for our community and is used to irrigate many of our community parks and schools, and using it helps to conserve our drinking water. Tucson Water appreciates your patience as we expand the recycled water distribution system to better utilize this water resource in our community.
  • Please contact Fernando Molina, Tucson Water, if you have any questions regarding this work. Molina can be reached at (520) 349-0982.

UCAB Meeting Oct. 21

The quarterly Unified Community Advisory Board (UCAB) meeting will be a virtual event for UCABmembers only to be held on October 21 at 5:45 pm. Tucson Water will provide its quarterly update.

We will seek information of this meeting for those who are not UCAB members.

The meetings are usually held at the El Pueblo Senior Center every quarter of the year. The next meeting should be held in January or February.

The discussion for this quarter’s meeting will be about the No. 10 Well and its progress. There will also be updates from Tucson Water, the Tucson International Airport, Arizona National Guard and Air Force Plant 44.

You can access the TARP monthly summary report for September 2020 by clicking here:

Before and Later — Pre-1987 to 2017 — Toxic Water Contamination Comparison

Comparison of the water contamination from up to 1987 to recent (2017) after Tucson Water has made an effort to clean up toxic chemicals from the southside water plume.

Click on this to access the full PDF file: